AI RUDDER: Voice GPT Product Launch

June 27, 2023

Product Launching | 2023

AI Rudder invites Indonesia to join the future of Artificial Intelligence through the Voice GPT launching event held on July 8 at Le Meiden Hotel, Jakarta.

Attended by audiences from various leading banking institutions in Indonesia, the event was an introduction to AI Rudder’s latest innovation, Voice GPT, which in this case is useful for streamlining work in the field of customer service.

The centerpiece of the Voice GPT Launch Event was a discussion session titled “The Impact of Voice GPT on Call Centers: Opportunities and Challenges” with three panelists, Veronica Susanti as Head of Digital Lending of OCBC Bank, Hendrick Kusno Sudjarwadi as SVP Head of Collection of Adira Finance, and Chuan Zou as Principal Solution Architect of AI Rudder.