IFaS Fest 2022

October 13, 2022

Activation, Award Show | 2022

The Innovations of Frequency and Standardization Festival (IFaS Fest) 2022 was held on October 13, 2022, with the theme "Revive and Recover".

The event showcased innovative and creative works from new talents, featuring sharing and socialization sessions as well as several competitions: SDPPI Idea, SDPPI Creator, and SDPPI Choice Award.

The event was attended by several notable figures, including: Minister of Communication and Information Technology Johnny Gerard Plate, Acting Secretary-General of SDPPI Sabirin Mochtar, Director of Resource Management Denny Setiawan, Director of Resource Operations Dwi Handoko, Director of SDPPI Control Sabirin Mochtar, Director of PPI Standardization Mulyadi, and Acting Head of BBPPT Dwi Handoko.